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Love it

Really pleasantly surprised the distance this has made to my hair and skin. The main problem I have now is the rest of my family love it soo much they keep sneaking off with it. Time to order a few more!

Love love love

I wear this all the time! I love the feel of it and how it sits in my hair x

In love

You need this. Now.


I only wish I had found this earlier. I am obsessed.

Silk Scrunchie
Liis-Mary K.
Very Happy with it 😊

Beautiful colors for every outfit, does not pull hair off like "normal" hair bands and is gentle even if worn for longer period of time. Looks great!! Definitely recommend ❤

Silk Scrunchie
Lauren D.
Still going strong after months

I am really happy with these and how they don't catch on my hair. I havent had any issues after months of wearing them, either!

Silk Scrunchie

Love these silk scrunchies! They dont cause frizz and they're perfect for my hair. The best part? You can wear them in so many different styles, whichever looks more fashionable with whatever style you decide on that day--they won't pull at your head like other elastic bands might do (plus I've found it helps reduce headaches).

Soft and cozy even while travelling.

My favourite part about this sleep mask was how soft and cozy it felt against my skin. They're also great for traveling because they fold up nicely and can fit comfortably anywhere!

Such a luxurious feel

The pillow feels so luxurious and the best part is that its pretty affordable compared to some other luxury silk products! You won't regret buying these, I promise.

Cheeky Silk has done absolute wonders for my hair!

I'm so happy with the way my hair looks and feels after using the pillowcase! It's not knotted up like before, nor is it as frizzy. The silk is absolutely so comfortable to sleep on.

Already seeing improvement

I've only been using Cheeky Silk for a few weeks, but my skin has improved so much! And not only that-I can already see my lash extensions lasting longer too. If this is what happens when you use the sleep mask regularly then I want all of them!!

Obsessed with silk now.

I am obsessed with this fabric! It's so soft and comfortable. Plus the colour is gorgeous, I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Comfortable and just lovely.

Love my Cheeky Silk Sleep Mask. So comfortable and lovely feel on skin, I wear it every night! Plus its perfect for those nights when you need some darkness when sleeping somewhere new.

So far so good

I bought the Cheeky Silk pillowcase as I suffer from acne. So far it's been great, and my skin has actually shown some improvement! Plus sleeping on this material feels really nice--I can't remember how long ago we got a new set of cases at home... thanks again for everything :)

The perfect gift!

These masks make a great gift for any family member! My own children have been delighted with the results, and they've even gone on to purchase their own bundles after being so happy from their gifts.

Cute scrunchies!

Cute scrunchies! These are my favourite. I love the different colours theyre so cute, which makes it easy to match with outfits as well.

The perfect scrunchie

I have been looking for a scrunchy that would work well and not damage my hair, but also look super cute. These are the perfect solution!

Silk Scrunchie
Paras F.
My favourite piece

What's not love? The silk scrunchies are a life saver! They don't cause frizz, they're the perfect fit for any type of hairstyle. I can make both low and high styles with ease--and there is none of that scalp pain or pulling on your hair either :)

Silk Sleep Mask

The moment I put this mask on, it was so comfortable and soft. The fabric feels luxurious against my skin that I can't help but feel at peace with myself!

Absolutely stunning colours!

Ive always had sensitive skin, but I never thought it was because of my cotton bedding. However since switching to Cheeky Silk pillowcases my face has been a lot more clear and even-toned! They're absolutely stunning too.

Buttery soft silky smooth

The buttery softness of this silk is something Ive never felt before. My hubby keeps trying to steal it when he stays over, but that just gives me more reason why we need two!

Best scrunchie set I own

These are the best scrunchies Ive ever had! They don't snag my hair and they last a really long time. Plus, there's no risk of them stretching out because they feel so high quality.

No more frizzy hair!

I can't believe how good my skin has been feeling since I started using Cheeky Silk. Not only is it clearer, but everything else seems better as well! My hair isnt frizzy anymore and my extensions are lasting longer than before meaning less salon trips.

Big Yes!

The silk is to die for. The white in particular is not see through like other pillow cases on the market and is so soft to sleep on. Will be buying another soon.