Bad skin? Just sleep it off!


Comfort and health.

We exist to help people feel their best by providing them with simple solutions to better their skin and nightly routines.

With innovative products for fresher, happier skin, be ready for better looking hair and smoother skin every morning.


Cheeky Silk™ is dedicated to providing people with bedding that will help them fight acne and bacteria.

It's time to sleep with confidence, knowing you will keep those pesky breakouts away all night long so when morning comes you feel fresher and ready to start your day.


Why does skincare have to be so complicated?

We believe in the power of simple and easy skincare routines. You deserve better than juggling multiple routines, you deserve simplicity and luxury.

Bad skin? Just sleep it off!


Cheeky Silk™ has actively designed silver infused silk products that works with your body in fighting the bacteria that causes acne and breakouts.

We designed each and every product to include our silver infused treatment to make sure you get the same bacteria fighting technology silk, regardless of what you purchased.

We’re here to redefine how you shop online. Cheeky Silk is one of the first Aussie brands to offer instant refunds and returns. We want you to know that if your unhappy with the results of your cheeky silk product that we are here for you.

P.S. we offer free Australia wide shipping on orders over $50.


We want to enable you to take the next step to enhance your skincare and nightly routines with an effortless application of our products to your lifestyle.

Our promise to you is skincare made simple.

Take this opportunity to enhance your routines to better your skincare and overall wellness.

Sleep in confidence knowing your skin is getting the treatment it deserves.