Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]
Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]
Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]
Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]
Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]
Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]

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Silk Scrunchie [Bundle]

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Your going to get a silk scrunchie in each of our favourite colours. That's 5 scrunchies at 15% off!

We've taken care of bad hair days for you. Utilising 100% silk for our scrunchie, you will experience less breakages and split ends.

By opting for the bundle of scrunchies you save 15%!

What makes me special?
  • Silver infused silk that naturally fights bacteria
  • Made with sericin which is the key moisturiser in salon conditioners
  • Vital amino acids that help retain hair moisture and promote growth
  • Naturally hypoallergenic which helps sensitive skin and dry scalp

We know you haven’t used a scrunchie like this before, less breakages, less knots and less split ends.

  1. Keeps your hair hydrated and healthy
  2. Frictionless - Won't pull or drag your hair
  3. Eliminates dents and hair kinks
  4. Prevents breakages and hair frizz